NGS Dome Shelter for Wellbeing Hub

October 2, 2019

NGS happy to provide semi-permanent shelter for adult wellbeing hub


Plough Corner at Little Clacton, Essex, is a work-based training facility for adults with learning disabilities.  On site they have a café and a garden centre that are open to the general public, a wellbeing centre for adults with more complex needs and also a packaging company that facilitates packaging requirements for external companies in the local area.


The purpose of the centre is to support and train adults with learning disabilities to enable them in the future to gain meaningful employment or volunteer opportunities within the communities that they live.


The garden centre is fully functioning and is run by two staff members who not only maintain all of the plants and flowers in the garden centre, but also train up to 8 individuals every day all of the skills that would enable them to work in a garden centre or horticultural setting, whilst also teaching transferrable skills to broaden their horizons and future opportunities.


NGS are proud to support the centre by providing a completely sustainable and entirely environmentally friendly shelter. The dome is made with high strength composite fibreglass and can be used as a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary structure, with a lifespan of over 30 years. The dome is formed of 21 pieces and can be assembled by 2-3 people in around 2-3 hours. The domes can withstand category 5 hurricane winds of up to 180mph and a temperature range between -70°F to 120°F.


The benefit of having the NGS dome is that in the winter months when indoor projects and learning opportunities take place, instead of having to move in to the warehouse, meaning that warehouse space is lost for the packaging department, they would have their own space, that is also still in the grounds where they actually work.  There would also be an addition in what the adults are learning in that they would have to maintain the dome and ensure it is presented in its best light.


The packaging company manage numerous contracts and work extremely hard to deliver a high-quality packaging service in a timely and efficient manner.  The adults are extremely particular and like to ensure their work is of the highest quality and any service that we can offer would be completed to the highest standard and the best price.


Linking in with a company such as Plough Corner offers many benefits in relation to NGS supporting a number of adults with learning disabilities to realise their true potential and unlock barriers to future opportunities through them being engaged in a wider variety of packaging requirements.