Political Risk, Political Violence & Terrorism

NGS is named on a number of cutting edge political risk, terrorism, political violence and travel products. Indemnifying various response services within an insurance product allows for fast, effective response severely mitigating the likelihood or size of a claim; benefitting insurers and the insureds alike. NGS has saved the insurance industry USD($) tens of millions in claims by securing, dismantling and evacuating large insured assets such as entire oil rigs.

Security audits and intelligence feeds provided by NGS allows the insured to make more calculated decisions in a crisis situation.

Other various NGS product “add-ons” are available to our insurance client base. These are proven to help differentiate the product, increase 1st time sales and boost retention rates.

High Risk Voyager

High Risk Voyager is a comprehensive travel insurance package specifically for individuals or groups intending to visit to high-risk destinations. It offers emergency medical and evacuation cover in the event of unexpected illness or accidental bodily injury.

Specifically designed for high-risk countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Sudan where the UK FCO advise against travel and also for other hazardous regions in Egypt, Thailand, Pakistan and India. All policies are underwritten by Lloyd’s of London and available to both UK & EEA citizens (and other nationalities as shown online).

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