NGS Aurora App

The NGS “Aurora” App helps insurers meet their Conduct Risk requirements by removing barriers for legitimate claimants being able to make a claim.

All details are uploaded onto the app including their policy number, DOB, medication, pre-existing medical conditions and more. To request assistance, the insured triggers the app which automatically calls the 24/7 Ops Room on a recorded line with a trained NGS operator. Simultaneously, all the information originally entered into the app is emailed to the NGS Ops Room along with the insureds GPS location. This has proven to speed up the first phase of assistance significantly, providing more efficient results for insurers and insureds alike.

All insureds details are held on a secure, web-based platform allowing for faster coverage decisions. NGS liaises with the pre-approved network directly and maintains direct billing agreements, eradicating any insured’s concern about cash transactions. Excesses may either be collected in cash by the facility or they can be collected post-case.