Head of Client Services

    Having graduated from the University of Exeter, Kit joined NGS in 2013 where he took a position of Tracking Operator. His obvious skill and diligence were soon evident and rightly saw him take promotion to Operations Manager after only a few years. He was responsible for internal process and system integration and introduced a more streamlined tracking support product. Kit has naturally moved into client services and now heads up NGS contracts and renewal.


    Senior Consultant

    Tresham has had wide experience on operations and in crisis and change management during a full career in the military, which also included 4 years in the Middle East. In the MOD he was the military staff focus for the Middle East, Indian sub continent and SE Asia and maintained close links with the FCO and DFID during emergencies in those areas. He was the senior British military advisor to Kofi Annan and the UN’s Special Representative during the Balkans War.