Pre, During & Post Response

Pre: NGS’ pre-vetting procedures ensure the most appropriate clinics, treating doctors, ambulances and hospitals are used throughout a case. These procedures include investigating our partners’ capabilities, commercial rates, professionalism and past performance prior to utilisation.

NGS receives beneficial rates from our preferred provider network and maintains direct billing agreements to ensure maximum convenience for the insured.

NGS providers are chosen on their pricing and capability.

During: The condition and wellbeing of the patient drives the NGS’ decision-making process. There are numerous factors determining the most suitable course of action including any potential psychological factors (before, during and after).

PPO Networks, Managed Healthcare Organisations and Discounted Rates: NGS benefits from substantial discounts/ rates through trusted partners in the USA, EU and the rest of world.

Having assets already “in-situ” through local partners prevents spiralling costs associated with having to get assets into the country (the traditional assistance model).

Guarantee of Payment (GOP): NGS issues letters of guarantee in minimal instalments to help contain the cost of the claim.

NGS’ in-house medical team monitors the decisions made and the equipment used by the clinics and treating practitioners. This pro-active monitoring acts as a quality check, ensures appropriateness of treatment and eliminates unnecessary costs.

Post: Scrutiny of invoices (e.g. medical facilities): On behalf of the insurer, NGS will scrutinise all bills to check for the likes of double accounting on hospital bills.

Re-examination of the providers’ decision to use of certain equipment and / or to undergo certain procedures is carried out in light of any new medical information / retrospective case detail.

Proactively seeking subrogation and contributions are a common NGS practice to significantly improve claims ratios.

Any claims that do not require an NGS Assistance are sent through to NGS’ Claims Department to ensure a minimal desktop case fee. This ensures travel claims for lost luggage, flight cancellations etc. are dealt with in the most cost-efficient manner.